Partners of Consultants in Corporate Innovation
Tom Drucker, M.S. President of Consultants in Corporate Innovation and Vice President of Transitioning to Green.
His work is unique because he integrated the principles of positive psychology, advances in neuroscience and mindfulness with the methods of process improvement, change management and environmental sustainability. He serves as a trusted advisor and mediator on governance and leadership to family businesses, boards of directors, business owners, professional partnerships, global enterprises and leaders of every type and size of business.
He received his MA in Clinical Psychology from UCLA while working with and being mentored by Viktor Frankl and Abraham Maslow. He went on to pursue his PhD at UCLA’s business school where he studied change management, operations research, anthropology, linguistics and behavioral science. His dissertation focused on how leadership styles affected the success of long-term organizational change.
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Majid Abai  Founder of Concepts Rise
Majid Abai brings 30+ years of proven expertise in building, transforming, and leading domestic and international organizations. Recognized as a veteran business strategist, Majid is a proven serial entrepreneur and active investor in technology. He founded Concepts Rise to help businesses make their vision a reality.
Mark Rothman Founder, Progress Coach

Mark’s experience includes more than 18 years of one-on-one mentoring and sponsoring, as well as being mentored and sponsored by others. He also facilitate and co-facilitate coaching-based groups and progress retreats. His experience raising three boys into strong young men, and maintaining a vibrant and dynamic 30-year marriage, provide deep insights and meaning that inform the work we will do together. Most importantly, he is here to care for you, help you, inspire you, and nurture your growth.
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