Partners of Consultants in Corporate Innovation
Tom Drucker, M.S. President of Consultants in Corporate Innovation and Vice President of Transitioning to Green.
His work is unique because he integrated the principles of positive psychology, advances in neuroscience and mindfulness with the methods of process improvement, change management and environmental sustainability. He serves as a trusted advisor and mediator on governance and leadership to family businesses, boards of directors, business owners, professional partnerships, global enterprises and leaders of every type and size of business.
He received his MA in Clinical Psychology from UCLA while working with and being mentored by Viktor Frankl and Abraham Maslow. He went on to pursue his PhD at UCLA’s business school where he studied change management, operations research, anthropology, linguistics and behavioral science. His dissertation focused on how leadership styles affected the success of long-term organizational change.
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Mark Rothman Founder, Progress Coach

I share with Tom the purpose of helping leaders and their teams achieve their maximum effectiveness. When they do, their improved capabilities, capacity and performance transform corporate culture, and translate directly to their company’s bottom line.

My higher purpose is to help leaders and their teams live more meaningful lives. What we do in one area we tend to do in every area of our lives. Time and again I see the transformations that happen on the corporate level start having real impact at the personal level.

After a 15-year career as a leader of organizations, I turned to coaching leaders to achieve unique success based on nearly two decades of work as a sponsor in the 12-step program Al-Anon, combined with eight years working with my mentor-coach. I gradually began helping support and facilitate coaching groups and transformational events through the Remarkable Men’s PracticeTM, finally leaving my organizational work to coach full time. I bring my experience as a Progress Coach, guiding my clients to make continual forward progress in all areas of their lives, to the work of maximizing the progress and outcomes of corporate leaders and teams.

Tom and I build powerful relationships with the leaders and teams we work with to develop supportability—an attitude of transparency and openness to new ideas. We identify and remove the obstacles blocking forward progress and impeding accountability. In this we guide you to achieve the real progress of doing something new and achieving exponential results, rather than just doing the same thing a little bit better.

Majid Abai  Founder of Concepts Rise

Majid Abai, founder of Innovators LA, brings a 30+ year track record of building, transforming, and leading domestic and international technology organizations to working with Tom and Consultants in Corporate Innovation.

A veteran business strategist, proven serial entrepreneur and active technology investor, Majid’s technical expertise is in cutting edge technologies: including Big Data, Mobile Enterprise, Cloud Computing and SaaS Applications.

Majid brings these skills to organizational change efforts, and process improvement programs which can dramatically improve bottom line results. He has also used his “systems view” of data management and modelling to boost the profitability of small, family-owned businesses.

Majid co-authored the books Data Strategy and Cracking the Business Code and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CIO Update and The Los Angeles Business Journal.  He has spoken at technology and business conferences globally.