An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Tourism and Hospitality Industries

You do not need me to tell you that the COVID virus has had a major and largely negative impact on the tourism and hospitality industries.

Now that your industry is beginning to open up, you, your leadership teams and all of your associates are facing a New World with New Rules.

At CCI, we have participated in research with partners. We have discovered 3 rules that apply to companies that have employees who must travel internationally, cruise companies who are now booking cruises, airlines and hotels for both leisure and business travelers. We think these rules apply to many other companies outside of the hospitality and tourism business as well.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure wherever they are. This is obvious, yet as human beings, we are all prone to being just a little bit anxious all the time. This is true because we are all born with a brain stem that predisposes us to be on guard for danger. This instinct helped our distant ancestors, who lived in caves, stay alive.

Over the last few hundred years, humans developed a Prefrontal Cortex. This part of our brain stem processes information intentionally. This helps all of us choose to put on face masks, use hand sanitizer, and collaborate with one another to keep safe and stay healthy. Especially when we are travelling outside of our homes. As leaders in the hospitality and travel industries, you have told us you are committed to surrounding all travelers and guests with an abundance of protective measures, so everyone experiences the minimal amount of risk possible.

Reducing uncertainty takes a new level of full-time commitment and two-way responsibility. Even before the COVID virus, the general population has had their confidence in what mainstream media reported as the truth. The global travel industry has a particular responsibility as country border rules can change frequently depending on levels of infection. A new, stronger bond of mutual responsibility must be forged between companies, customers and countries. If the travelling public is to resume international business travel and tourism, there must emerge a new level of predictability in how often travel restrictions will change.

Creating and sustaining a Mindset and an environment of optimism. In today’s new world, it’s never been more important for our industry to sustain an authentic environment of optimism. Grounded by scientifically based Best Practices and implemented by well-trained teams who know the importance of being socially and emotionally engaged with each other so they then can make customers feel a part of “the family” your brand is projecting.

These 3 rules are an example of how CCI combines recent research in Neuroscience and Best Practices in Leadership to give our clients the most up-to-date methods to deal with the challenges and opportunities all leaders and companies face in our New World today.


Tom Drucker

President, Consultants in Corporate Innovation


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