Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development is an important best practice in all businesses today. Leaders, managers, and team members at every level of your organization expect to grow professionally as a result of being associated with your company. This is part of the competitive landscape we see in successful companies. Consultants in Corporate Innovation offers a wide range of services to help every size company to begin or enhance your Leadership Development Programs.
Your firm may want to start with a Senior Management Program to clearly establish your company’s Values, Expected Behaviors and Strategic Direction plus Tactical Key Performance Indicators to ensure everyone throughout your organization, no matter what their job, is aligned on your “Big Picture”. Our brief program has made a meaningful impact on Bottom-Line Results while teaching Sustainable Skills.
Consultants in Corporate Innovation’s Development Programs are designed for “Learning while Performing Everyday Work”. Research has proved lasting professional growth is more rapidly absorbed and retained when adults are provided short, entertaining, graphically interesting material they can immediately put to use. They, plus others around them, notice new improved behaviors. Your “students” then provide feedback which is summarized by us and sent to you in a comprehensive report.
We are known for designing Leadership Development Programs that help brand-name companies create world-class leaders. Companies that begin Development Programs increase efficiency, improve performance, and reduce turnover—results that translate directly to your bottom line.
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Reasons to Contact CCI for Development Programs

  • Professionals who aren’t performing up to expectations or capabilities, and frustrate those whom he or she works with, or who visibly slow down forward progress.
  • Employees or teams whose productivity does not meet your expectations;
  • Individuals who’ve lost motivation, drive, focus, or are out-of-step with your business strategy.
  • Key personnel who have not yet broken through to the next level of their potential despite having the education and/or experience to do so.
  • Want to develop a program so mentors and mentees create relationships that nurture the success of your most valuable assets.

Problem solving with global leaders

These clients have asked Consultants in Corporate Innovation to solve problems ranging from improving processes like quality and customer service, to resolving conflicts and empowering teams by delivering unprecedented breakthrough results.