Consultants in Corporate Innovation base their work on sound science.

Managing Partner, Tom Drucker, has been trained as a neuroscientist and positive psychologist, and keeps up on the latest research. The combination of his advanced training and corporate experience gives him a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader.
Leadership Development is an important best practice. Leaders, managers, and team members at every level of your organization expect to grow professionally as a result of being associated with your company. This is part of the competitive landscape seen in successful companies today. Consultants in Corporate Innovation offers a wide range of services to assist every size company to build or enhance your Leadership Development Programs.

CCI uses Best in Class assessments:

The Harrison Preference Profile has several uses, just like a Swiss Army knife.

  • One use of The Harrison is to assist CEOs or anyone making important (and expensive) final hiring decisions.
  • Each candidate takes a 20-minute online survey, which is tailored to the specific job the candidate is applying for.
  • CCI then writes a report which highlights the most-and-least preferred tasks required for the job they seek.
  • The hiring executives are supplied with questions based on each candidate’s least preferred skills.
  • Clients have said, “CCI’s reports are like having an MRI scan for each candidate. I will never hire anyone again without using one of these reports.”


CCI uses The Harrison Preference Profile for Leadership Development

  • After taking the survey, leaders are fully debriefed on their Harrison results
  • The validated data helps motivate a coaching and mentoring process
  • Each Leader experiences accelerated and measurable growth

The Leadership Circle Profile is considered the Platinum-Standard for Executive-Level 360-Degree Feedback.

  • Drs. Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams have written 2 books full of stories about leaders who describe how their businesses and lives have been transformed by applying the principles of The Leadership Circle.
  • Their research is highly validated, which makes The Leadership Circle Profile a powerful, fact-based tool to enhance the self-awareness of individual leaders and the teams they work with and lead.
  • The Leadership Circle Profile measures 18 Leadership Competencies
  • The feedback gives a % score of their million-plus database from leaders & managers.
  • Each leader’s scores on the 18 competencies reflects their degree of balance between their reactive and creative behaviors.

CCI invites you to consider our Development Programs when:

  • Professionals who aren’t performing up to expectations or capabilities, and frustrate those whom he or she works with, or who visibly slow down forward progress.
  • Employees or teams whose productivity does not meet your expectations;
  • Individuals who’ve lost motivation, drive, focus, or are out-of-step with your business strategy.
  • Key personnel who have not yet broken through to the next level of their potential despite having the education and/or experience to do so.
  • Your company wants to create a program, so mentors and mentees create relationships that nurture the success of your most valuable assets, which are your people.

CCI offers clients tools and methods most global companies are using today to provide science-based information about people that is both understandable and actionable.
Consultants in Corporate Innovation provides cost-effective Employee Engagement Surveys and tailored 360-degree feedback tools for individuals and teams to improve collaboration and productivity.
CCI creates personalized data-driven guidance for anyone in your firm who is mission-critical, enhancing their performance, boosting their creativity, and inspiring their commitment to your vision.
CCI is here to discuss these and other similar programs. Please contact us and we can discuss how to tailor a program to meet your unique needs.
CCI always offers complimentary conversations to build trust and to get to know each other. CCI believes this is essential to create the relationship necessary to collaborate with you on your business. CCI knows this because we all have run businesses ourselves. Tom Drucker, the founder and managing partner, has successfully run CCI for 30 years.
We look forward to hearing how we can help you.

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